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Welcome to Beekeeping While Black!

I am Karyn Bigelow, the queen (pun intended) behind the platform. Follow along as I grow and learn as a beekeeper and seek community amongst other Black Beekeepers. Join me in learning and cooking some yummy recipes with honey! Check out my speaker kit

Beekeeping While Black

Beekeeping While Black’s mission is to educate and build community for Black Beekeepers, those curious about becoming an apiarist, and those who just love bees and the people who care for them. 


The face of beekeeping in the U.S. is not Black, and thus it's important to share the experiences of Black beekeepers as agents of food security in our communities. In the wake of a collapse of global biodiversity and the challenges that climate change presents to food security, it is even more important to center Black beekeepers and farmers as sustainable problem solvers and to take space in these predominately white sectors.

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